Friday 30th November, 2018

Breaking new ground - Youth work in Trumpington

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Romsey Mill has started to deliver new work to support young people experiencing social isolation and difficult life situations in an area that has recently undergone significant change.

Lee Nash, who has been involved in delivering youth work in Birmingham and Cambridgeshire for more than 10 years, has joined Romsey Mill’s Youth Development Team to deliver pioneering youth work in Trumpington. There have been several large housing developments in Trumpington, in recent years, which have created new communities alongside longer established residential areas.

Lee said: “In effect there are 3 or 4 distinct communities here. And as with any new community, many young people can struggle to find their place and establish their identity, as they don’t have a real sense of ‘belonging’. This can result in a number of issues, including feeling isolated, struggling at school or getting involved in behaviour that is potentially harmful to themselves and others.”

Lee has started to establish links with local schools in Trumpington, and has begun to carry out detached work in schools and in places in the community where young people meet up.

He said: “This aspect of Romsey Mill’s youth work is vital in building relationships with the young people, particularly those who are considered to be ‘hard to reach’ or are most at risk.

Lee said: “Many of the young people attend different schools, which can increase their sense of isolation at home. Some may be reluctant to go off ‘their patch’ be it Trumpington Meadows, Clay Farm, or Glebe Farm.”

“By listening to what the young people say, we can begin to unpick the layers and find out what is really going on in their lives. We can them identify the things that they are interested in and create opportunities for them to engage in positive activities.”

Lee is establishing two new youth groups in the area, as well as other positive activities targeted at the interests of the young people.

The project has been supported with funding from Cambridgeshire County Council's Innivate and Cultivate Fund and Cambridge City Council's South Area Committee.


Lee Nash (pictured) is Romsey Mill's Lead Youth Development Worker for Trumpington