Tuesday 10th December, 2013

12 days: "Confident in what he wants to become as a person." Parent of Jack, 11

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“Aspire has given Jack a new group of friends which helped him enormously with his move to secondary school. He has gained in confidence and wants to learn about others, and listen to others now which previously he had found very difficult. It has given Jack the space to be him and he tells me he is treated with respect and as an 11 year-old, rather than as a young child. He has begun to mature and is confident in what he wants to become as a person.

Aspire arranged for trips to his new secondary school, as well as additional sessions focusing on transition. The group have also been on outings together and given him the opportunity of sharing experiences with his peers instead of his family. Although the group has been for Jack, it has also given me time to do things without him which has also been great. 

I am very thankful that Jack was offered a place in the group and I am sure that his successful transition from primary to secondary school wouldn’t have been as smooth without the support of Aspire.

We both think that Romsey Mill and the Aspire group are awesome!”