Young Parents Programme

A father writes

Romsey Mill works with young families going through tough times, so they can look forward to a brighter future.

It is illustrated perfectly in this story, as told by a father about his own son, who came into contact with Romsey Mill when he became a father himself.

A father writes:

“Five years ago my son became a young father but had trouble adjusting to this change in his life.

The overriding problem was that he was drug dependent and had mental health issues as a result. It was difficult to be unable to help him as much as I wanted as he would often estrange himself from me.

On a visit to see him I met his key worker Ben, who explained to me how my son was receiving help and support from Romsey Mill. It was a great relief to me to know my son had someone he could turn to with his problems and for support while he was uncomfortable turning to his family.

Ben became a vital link between my son and me, whilst at the same time helping him to keep working hard at becoming a father to his son. He could talk to Ben about his addiction and its effect on his relationship with his son without feeling judged. He also took advice and guidance about parenting and facing up to his responsibilities.

He also got help and advice from Romsey Mill when having to deal with the Job Centre, Benefits Office and Housing.

Without this help I am certain that my son would have ended up on the streets.

Slowly but surely, he responded to the help he was receiving and even started to be honest with me about the extent of his drug problems.He agreed to start getting treatment for his addiction, which was a vital step and had a positive impact on all aspects of his life but most importantly with his own son. All the time Ben and the Romsey Mill team were in the background encouraging and supporting him when he struggled, for which I can't thank them enough.

Today my son is still receiving treatment for his addiction and has been clean for nearly a year. He works regularly and is a different person.

Most importantly he is a good and loving father to his own young son who he adores and sees whenever possible. He takes his role in his son’s life very seriously.

I can honestly say I don't think any of this would have been possible without the help and support he received from Romsey Mill. I would strongly urge any young man finding facing up to fatherhood difficult to take this help and support that Romsey Mill offers with both hands.”