Thursday 7th May, 2015

A New Face

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In April, Neil Thompson joined Romsey Mill as our Fundraising and Communications Manager.

He is working alongside Charity Green (Fundraiser – People & Partnerships) to promote what Romsey Mill does for children, families and young people to new and existing supporters who help fund our activities.

Neil is not totally new to Romsey Mill, as he has been a volunteer with us for several years, assisting our work with young people in Cambourne. Neil said: “Having witnessed at close hand some aspects of what Romsey Mill does so well, in building relationships with young people and responding to local needs, I am delighted that I am now able to contribute to that work every day and in a professional capacity.”

Prior to joining Romsey Mill, Neil has worked with local fire and rescue services, managing their communications and public relations.

Although the essential nature of the work carried out by the two organisations is different, Neil has identified some similarities between Romsey Mill and his previous emergency service employers.

He said “Like the fire and rescue service, Romsey Mill is highly valued within the community for its excellent work in helping other people; and the employees of both organisations are totally committed to the work that they do, and go about that work in a selfless and professional way.    Camaraderie, team work and a sense of humour are also essential—plus lots of tea and cake!”

To contact Neil call 01223 566492 or send him an email.