Thursday 19th May, 2011

Imagine the Transitions Programme and a Big Book

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Four young women from Romsey Mill's Transitions Programme, students at Manor School, were present at the launch of the 'Big Book', an installation by artist Diana Bell. The Big Book, entitled Imagine, is a leather-bound wooden sculpture that invites the ‘reader’ to step inside and write their own answer to the question: “What do you imagine?”

Diana Bell said: “The reason the contributions are all handwritten is to emphasis the huge role individuality and imagination plays in our lives, and the empathy and interaction it allows us to have. I didn’t think contributing online would have the same impact, but all the contributions are scanned and placed on the Big Book website, so I am definitely embracing the digital age too!”

Our young women imagined what the world would be like if everything was made of chocolate (answer: a bit messy!), and what life would look like from the viewpoint of an animal. They all enjoyed the opportunity to be part of this exciting event, which continued from 19th to 21st May outside Cambridge University Library who hosted the event in partnership with Cambridge University Press. CUP recently adopted Romsey Mill as their Charity of the Year and invited us to be there for the launch.

Community Relations Manager for Cambridge University Press, Heidi Mulvey, said: “Our principle purpose is to advance knowledge and education and projects like this are a real inspiration. Diana’s project is so inclusive and engaging and we are delighted to be able to help bring this thought-provoking art project to Cambridge.”