Tuesday 13th September, 2011

Boom-tastic week

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A week of exciting activities in August gave young people a positive outlet for their creative energies. Led by young people and Romsey Mill staff, the week featured a daily cafe, cooking sessions and creative arts workshops led by experts in music, dance, drama and graffiti art.

The week followed three weeks of outreach in collaboration with ChYpPs (Children and Young People's Participation Services) and was aimed at 13-15-year-olds. Publicity was designed by young people who also took part in the outreach in city parks and public spaces.

The young people were encouraged to take ownership of the activities throughout. One young woman asked, 'You're actually going to let me do that?' after suggesting the idea of running a youth cafe and being asked to make it happen.

Over 50 young people were involved in the ‘Boom-tastic’ week at the Mill which provided positive activities for them to do - a couple of boys were invited in having met a youth worker while they were looking for another individual to fight. Having not heard of Romsey Mill before, they had opportunity to learn and enjoy themselves in a place where respect and boundaries were encouraged.

The creative arts activities were taught at a high level and the young people produced stunning work, of which they were understandably proud. Dance Offensive, with whom Romsey Mill has worked with for some years, ran excellent dance workshops, culminating in a group of young people performing on the Friday night.