Thursday 29th November, 2018

Building Resilience

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A group of parents has just completed a 6 week course to help them understand and positively address the impact of anxiety on their lives and the lives of their children.

Anxiety is an increasingly prevalent issue for many of the young people and families with whom Romsey Mill works.

The team at Romsey Mill has developed and delivered the bespoke course to help parents of young children, between the ages of 3 and 11, to identify anxiety in themselves and in their children, and learn practical tips with will help them to cope with everyday stresses and face challenges in a positive way.

Susan Condie, Romsey Mill’s Children and Family worker, has been delivering the course at Romsey Mill Centre, with Fiona Wade, a local family worker, and former member of the Romsey Mill team. A crèche took place in the same building for parents with small children.

The first two sessions of the course were based on helping parents to understand anxiety and resilience and recognise how their thoughts can affect behaviour and how a parent’s anxiety can be passed on to their child.

The remaining sessions then help parents to address their fears and anxieties and learn practical tips and positive ways to help themselves and their children to build resilience.

Susan said: “The emphasis is on giving parents the chance to talk openly and share together. This helps them to recognise the signs of anxiety and to understand and be assured that they are not alone.”

“As the course goes on and they grow in awareness and self-confidence, they also have the opportunity to explain what they find works when overcoming stress and anxiety.”

Susan added: “We are also able to offer further personalised support to parents on a one-to-one basis, which some parents have taken up.”

The course participants comprised mums and dads, of children who were about to attend pre-school, or move on to the next stage of their education at primary or secondary school, and included one grandparent who looked after four of their grandchildren.

Susan said: “For many parents, they do not realise what anxiety is and how it affects them and their children.”

Susan added: “One parent initially said that they didn’t know why they had been asked to attend as they didn’t think that they or their child suffered from worry or anxiety at all.”

“However, they soon recognised that they were acting in a way that demonstrated they were not dealing well with stress and anxiety and that this had also started to affect the way their child responded and behaved. By the end of the course, they felt much more positive about how they would positively address the issue.”

Comments from parents on the course included:

“I’d take notes home and go over them with the children in our family time—it helped them verbalise their problems and emotions”

“I found it really useful and it helped me to build my confidence back up.”

“The course helped me learn about different strategies to aid resilience and support my child.”


The Building Resilience course is one of several courses and activities that Romsey Mill has been able to deliver to young families as a result of your fantastic response to last year’s Christmas Appeal. Thank you for helping to bring about positive change for good.


If you would like to help Romsey Mill make a difference in 2019, you can make a donation to our Christmas Appeal and give #AGiftThatEndures.



To help Romsey Mill deliver projects like this in 2019, you could make a donation to our Christmas Appeal and give #AGiftThatEndures