Friday 2nd December, 2016

Victoria's voice of hope

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Today, in the city of Cambridge and the surrounding area, the potential in many young lives is being stifled.

Romsey Mill helps young people, children and families to learn new skills, we give them safe spaces in which to grow and offer hope for their future.  

This December, as part of our Christmas Appeal, we are sharing the voices of some people who are keen speak out about Romsey Mill's impact on young lives as we seek to give hope and unwrap potential.

Read what Victoria has to say:

Teenage mothers can have higher rates of poor mental health, up to 3 years after the birth. Victoria became a teenage mum after coming to Cambridge as a student.

Victoria says:

“I came to Cambridge to study, but during my first year I fell pregnant. I wanted to stay in Cambridge and give it a go being a family. I had a good group of friends and was optimistic about my future as a mum. The reality was that after my son was born I wanted to stay home with him when my friends went out. I felt increasingly isolated. Even the playgroups I tried made me feel more of an outsider because I was so much younger than the other mums. I began to get depressed and life felt really bleak.”

“I lived near Romsey Mill and had seen young mums coming and going. One day in desperation I walked in and met Rachel, a Young Parents worker. It was a turning point for me and my son, Zach. I started going to Romsey Mill playgroup and met mums my age. Zach, who had not been socialising well, started to flourish amongst the other children."  

"There are so many difficulties that you encounter as a young parent: trying to work; trying to get back into education—but Romsey Mill supported me through that time and really helped me as a young mum. I was breastfeeding and Rachel asked me to give a talk to the Antenatal group about my experience. That really encouraged me and made me feel I was doing the right thing.”

“Zach is now seven, and I am happily married with a four year old and a two year old. I am back at university studying to be a Primary School teacher. That is my dream."  

"I really don’t think I’d be where I am or have this future ahead of me with out the help of Romsey Mill.”



This December, Romsey Mill needs your support to raise vital funds as part of our Christmas Appeal, to help us in our work to provide hope, transformation and second chances for local young lives.

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