Friday 23rd December, 2016

Joey and Luigi's voice of hope

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Today, in the city of Cambridge and the surrounding area, the potential in many young lives is being stifled.

Romsey Mill helps young people, children and families to learn new skills, we give them safe spaces in which to grow and offer hope for their future.

This December, as part of our Christmas Appeal, we are sharing the voices of some people who are keen speak out about Romsey Mill's impact on young lives as we seek to give hope and unwrap potential.

Read what Joey and Luigi have to say:

Joey and Luigi's voices

Mill Road businessmen Joey and Luigi Altomonte(better known as Fratelli’s) attended Romsey Mill youth clubs as they were growing up.

Joey says:

“We grew up on Coleridge Road and our Mum was really happy that we had Romsey Mill youth group and holiday clubs to go to. It was great- football, t-shirt making, kite making, but mostly I remember the football. Without Romsey Mill we would have been playing in the lane behind our house and that’s where we got into lots of fights.”

Luigi says:

“That’s how I remember Romsey Mill, as a place where we could play football and not get into fights. We still both have friends from those days, people from Romsey Mill that we grew up with, relationships that have really stood the test of time."

"Now we have our business in the local community and its going really well. We like to give a bit back where we can. We created two work experience places for a couple of young mums from Romsey Mill’s Young Parents Programme. That was really positive. One of them has recently left us to start her first job, not as a hairdresser, but her work experience added to her CV and to her confidence so we are really pleased we could help."

"Romsey Mill is a really special part of our history and our local community.”


This December, Romsey Mill needs your support to raise vital funds as part of our Christmas Appeal, to help us in our work to provide hope, transformation and second chances for local young lives.


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