Friday 9th December, 2016

Ben's voice of hope

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Today, in the city of Cambridge and the surrounding area, the potential in many young lives is being stifled.

Romsey Mill helps young people, children and families to learn new skills, we give them safe spaces in which to grow and offer hope for their future.

This December, as part of our Christmas Appeal, we are sharing the voices of some people who are keen speak out about Romsey Mill's impact on young lives as we seek to give hope and unwrap potential.

Read what Ben has to say:

Ben’s voice

Ben is Romsey Mill’s Young Fathers Worker. He supports over 100 young, first time fathers, many of whom feel overwhelmed by their new role and responsibility.

Research shows that young fathers are far more likely to experience disadvantage as a result of becoming a dad at an early age, and are twice as likely to be unemployed at the age of 30.

Ben says:

“Think back to when you were 17 years old. Remember what you were like, what you were doing at that age. And then imagine that you were going to be a father at that time in your life.”

“Most of us would feel totally unprepared and overwhelmed. But dads really matter, and play such an influential role in the lives and wellbeing of the mother and child.”

“Becoming a dad is a huge responsibility – and one that many young fathers can struggle with. My role is to be a non-judgmental advocate and a mentor, offering 1-1 support, where needed, and to provide practical support.”

“Needless to say, there are young fathers who do extremely well at navigating their transition into fatherhood. At Romsey Mill, we are committed to helping every young father be the best dad they can be for their child – and be a positive influence on future generations.”


This December, Romsey Mill needs your support to raise vital funds as part of our Christmas Appeal, to help us in our work to provide hope, transformation and second chances for local young lives.

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