Friday 16th December, 2016

Teresa's voice of hope

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Today, in the city of Cambridge and the surrounding area, the potential in many young lives is being stifled.

Romsey Mill helps young people, children and families to learn new skills, we give them safe spaces in which to grow and offer hope for their future.

This December, as part of our Christmas Appeal, we are sharing the voices of some people who are keen speak out about Romsey Mill's impact on young lives as we seek to give hope and unwrap potential.

Read what Teresa has to say:

Teresa’s voice:

National research has indicated that 40% of children with autistic spectrum conditions (ASCs) have no friends, and a similar proportion have experienced bullying.

Teresa’s son Jack attended our Aspire programme as a teenager. Earlier this year, Teresa raised over £1600 for Romsey Mill by taking on the Thames Path Sponsored Challenge.

Teresa says:

“Ten years ago, we were at the end of the rope with our son Jack, who has high functioning autism."

"To the general public, people with high functioning autism appear the same as you and I, but this is far from the case. They are socially anxious and awkward around others, which in Jack’s case made him feel very isolated and alone."

"Thankfully, Romsey Mill gave us a much welcome life-line when Jack was offered a place at one of their Aspire youth groups. He attended weekly, giving him (and us) hope, confidence and a way forward. It allowed Jack to be himself with others who would not judge or ridicule him. It was the first time where Jack felt relaxed in a public place, having previously suffered bullying throughout his school years.”

“Jack is now a happy 21 year old and wouldn't be in this position without the help and support of Romsey Mill. Knowing how hard it is to find local groups, clubs and support who help people on the spectrum, Romsey Mill plays a vital role in supporting the whole family, which is why I decided to raise money for the Aspire programme, so other families can get the support they need.”


This December, Romsey Mill needs your support to raise vital funds as part of our Christmas Appeal, to help us in our work to provide hope, transformation and second chances for local young lives.

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