Wednesday 21st December, 2016

Liz's voice of hope

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Today, in the city of Cambridge and the surrounding area, the potential in many young lives is being stifled.

Romsey Mill helps young people, children and families to learn new skills, we give them safe spaces in which to grow and offer hope for their future.

This December, as part of our Christmas Appeal, we are sharing the voices of some people who are keen speak out about Romsey Mill's impact on young lives as we seek to give hope and unwrap potential.

Read what Liz has to say:

Liz's voice

75% of local children qualifying for free school meals will leave school at 16 without 5 good GCSEs (11% worse than the national average).

Liz moved to Cambridge and joined our fundraising team earlier this year.

Liz says:

“As a newcomer to Cambridge, I thought – like most people—that it was a city of affluence and privilege, ivory towers and picnics by the river. And for some it is."

"But when I joined Romsey Mill I was amazed to see that many children and young people had left their homes in the morning hungry and had not had anything proper to eat until they had their cheese ‘toastie’ at a Romsey Mill Youth Group. It was such a shock."

"There are many different reasons for young people finding themselves in situations like that, and it is so important that Romsey Mill is there to provide a safe place, where they can make friends, have someone who will get to know them, listen to them and help them with the issues they are dealing with. And as well as giving the young people something proper to eat, providing a 'toastie' also offers an ideal setting for those important conversations to take place.“


This December, Romsey Mill needs your support to raise vital funds as part of our Christmas Appeal, to help us in our work to provide hope, transformation and second chances for local young lives.

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