Sunday 9th December, 2018

Amaaliah's story

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As part of Romsey Mill's Christmas Appeal for 2018, we are sharing some of the stories of lasting, positive transformation experienced in the lives of the young people, children and families with whom we work.

This change is made possible with the support and donations received from people like you.

Thank you for every gift that you make to enable those facing significant disadvantage and change to experience long-lasting change for good in their lives and the places they live.



Amaaliah’s story

When Amaaliah first engaged with Romsey Mill, aged 16, she was having to take responsibility for and manage a lot of family issues and lacked any real self-confidence. Since then, with support from her youth workers, Amaaliah’s confidence and independence has grown massively.

This is demonstrated in the role that she now plays in the life of Romsey Mill, which is also helping to develop her talents as a young leader in the community and as a good role model.

Amaaliah has been ‘resident chef’ at one of our weekly youth clubs, cooking for up to 15 young people and helping to create a real family atmosphere. She has also been part of a team that plans, organises and promotes Rapademic, a showcase event at The Cambridge Junction for Romsey Mill’s young musicians. This year Amaaliah hosted the entire show.

Despite a difficult year for her personally, Amaaliah has achieved all of this and held down a fulltime job.

Longer term, she would like to become a youth worker and help other young people in her situation.


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