Thursday 6th December, 2018

Lee's story

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As part of Romsey Mill's Christmas Appeal for 2018, we are sharing some of the stories of lasting, positive transformation experienced in the lives of the young people, children and families with whom we work.

This change is made possible with the support and donations received from people like you.

Thank you for every gift that you make to enable those facing significant disadvantage and change to experience long-lasting change for good in their lives and the places they live. 



Lee’s* story

(*not his real name)

Romsey Mill first started working with Lee when he was 13 and at risk of being excluded from school due to behavioural issues.

Having moved house many times in his life, including staying at women’s refuge shelters, Lee knew very little stability, and had experienced a huge amount of rejection. Lee had weekly meetings with a youth worker, initially finding these sessions difficult. He particularly struggled with conversation and was unable to make eye contact. But, over time, he became more confident and participated enthusiastically in activities.

Lee didn’t manage to maintain his place at school and was moved to a new school where he didn’t know anyone. He loathed this change, and our youth worker supported him through the process and helped him settle in the new environment.

Lee said: “The sessions with my youth worker gave me the break I need to stay on track the rest of the week.” This summer, Lee took his GCSEs at the same school and now continues to be supported on a monthly basis as he makes the transition to College where he is studying on a catering course.



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