Sunday 1st December, 2019

Christmas Appeal 2019

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Hope. Your gift, our presence.

Please donate to our Christmas Appeal

One in five young people fon't think that life is 'really worth living'.* 

For them, hope is fragile.

This Christmas and throughout the year, Romsey Mill will be present with and alongside many disadvsantaged young people and families in areas of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Our presence helps young people and families:

  • overcome isolation and challenge
  • develop relationships and skills
  • grow more resilient communities
  • build hope for their future.  

Romsey Mill engages with young people, children and families, many of whom are amongst the most vulnerable and isolated. 

Romsey Mill’s experience in giving help to support families can prevent situations from reaching crisis point.

  • Getting alongside families with children under 5, when they most need help and support, through out Pre-School settings and families work, creates communities in which the parents and the chidlren can thrive.
  • Developing innovative programmes to enable young people, from across Cambridge city and parts of South Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, to overcome big challenges means they can lead fulfilling lives and inspire change in the world around them.
  • Running groups for children and young people with autism across Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire provides a life-line for many families, and helps the young people to develop the confidence and skills the need to prepare them for independent adult life.
  • Delivering specialist holistic support for teenage mums and young fathers, to help reduce inequalities for those in greatest need, makes a positive difference for good as they grow in confidence and build supportive networks and relationships.

As Romsey Mill approaches its 40th year in 2020, we are continuing to develop new and deliver new projects, including: award-winning music activities for the most hard to reach young people; vital life skills sessions for young adults with autism; youth work training and support to grow indigenous young leaders who can be effective role models to the next generation of young people within their own community.

We do all this in partnership with local communities.

Your gift, this Christmas, will maintain our presence with vulnerable young people and families in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and help them to have real hope for the future.

How can you help?

Making a donation this Christmas would help us to maintain our presence with vulnerable young people and families in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and help them have real hope for their future.

 Any donation that you can make will help to make a positive impact the lives of all those with whom we work. Thank you!

Please donate to our Christmas Appeal


(*Youth Index 2019, The Prince's Trust)