Wednesday 25th March, 2020

COVID 19 - Community Response in Petersfield

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Petersfield COVID-19 response group

Following discussions with Cambridge City Council about the local community response to the COVID-19 crisis, Cambridge-based charity Romsey Mill has been named as the co-ordinating organisation for responding to requests for support in the Petersfield ward.

Romsey Mill’s role will be the first point of contact for people who need assistance. Romsey Mill’s team will then pass on information to the relevant street-based group of volunteers for them to respond and help as appropriate. Romsey Mill will also continue to work closely with the two ‘coordinators’ of the Petersfield COVID-19 response group, Meg and Piete, and with PACT (Petersfield Area Community Trust).

Romsey Mill’s role is not to replace or supersede the excellent work that is already being organised locally, but having a fully constituted charity with the necessary governance and safeguards in place provides the infrastructure and means of managing and disposing of finances that is required to enable the community to focus on responding to locally identified needs swiftly and effectively.

This will mean we are all better able to help each other and support anyone who may be struggling, so that we can make sure everyone has food, essential household items, cleaning equipment, a support system and some company!

Romsey Mill is a local charity that has been supporting communities in need within the city for 40 years, and has its base at Romsey Mill Centre, Hemingford Road (off Mill Road) CB1 3BZ.


** As of 2nd April, about 80% of the streets in Petersfield already have a local volunteer contact. If you would like to be a volunteer contact for your street, please contact us using the email address below, giving your name and a mobile contact number.


Romsey Mill's contact details for the COVID19 Response in Petersfield: 


Telephone number: 07933 671101 (during office hours)

Street-based Volunteers Required

As at 2nd April 2020, the following streets do not have street-based volunteers, if you would be interested, please contact us using the details below):

Bradmore Street

Caroline Place

Cross Street

East Road

Felton Street

Great Northern Road

Lyndewode Road

Mortimer Road

Occupation Road

Parker’s Terrace

St Barnabas Road

St Barnabas Court

St Matthew’s Court

Station Road (Station Mews)

Stone Street

Stone Street (Burt Court)

Vicarage Terrace

Wollaston Road

York Terrace

Young Street