Monday 19th March, 2012

Into the Dragons' den

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Terri, Rosie and Sheona successfully bid for £750 from the Young Lives ‘Dragons’ Den’-style initiative. They will consult with young women to identify their key needs and put in place training and mentoring support in response as well as creating a resource pack to be used by professionals and young women.

As an added bonus, the project will enable the three dragon-slayers to work towards an ASDAN Platinum Youth Achievement Award and a Cambridgeshire Youth Work Award. And as a bonus for Kate Nation, Romsey Mill’s Young Women’s Worker, the three will be involved in the delivery of work with young women during the coming year—a development of their work as members of a participation group at Romsey Mill.

‘They did a great job at pitching to the panel and I’m really proud of what they have already achieved,’ said Kate.

One of the three was so nervous before the event that she almost ducked out. On leaving the dragons’ lair, having been persuaded to take part, she said, ‘I’d do that again!’