Monday 18th February, 2013

Early Intervention

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Romsey Mill’s Transitions Programme has been effective in helping vulnerable children most at risk of struggling to make a successful transition to secondary school for many years but it is now developing early intervention work. A local primary school had asked for Romsey Mill to get involved with a group of Year Five girls, as they had identified conflicts within the group and the children were struggling to communicate effectively. This successful pilot group was a 6-week course that aimed at improving social skills, self-esteem and learning to accept each other’s differences.

The group took part in a range of team building challenges (many involving lego!) that would have a positive impact on their listening and communication skills. The children were encouraged to solve challenges, achieve tasks and reflect on what makes a good team. They learnt that everyone has different skills and characteristics, which can complement each other in a team.

Some of the comments from the children after the course were really positive:

“You really helped me in group work”.

“I have become braver to share my ideas”.

Results showed that by the final session the children generally felt more confident and happier in school and with friendships.

We look forward to a Year Five boys group starting soon!