Friday 6th April, 2018

Learning to eat well on a budget

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Romsey Mill has been working with a group of young mums to help them learn to prepare cheap homemade meals for their families.

The ten week course called “Eat well on a budget” was designed to teach young parents, who lacked confidence with cooking, how to make recipes from scratch and cook cheap nutritious meals for themselves and their children.

The young parents themselves were involved in shaping the course, after conversations with members of Romsey Mill’s Young Parents Programme highlighted the parents’ interest in cooking but revealed their lack of confidence, preventing them from making fresh meals.

The parents were each asked about their experience of cooking, their favourite food and what they would like to learn on the course.

The course was delivered by an experienced tutor and took place at City Church in Cambridge, which has suitable kitchen facilities and space for a crèche.

The provision of a crèche during the course was vital as all the young mums have no alternative childcare provision.

11 young mums attended the course, which was free of charge.

Young Parents Programme worker Ben Wilkes said: “During each session, the mums learned a recipe; cooked the meal; tried it as part of the group; and then took food home for their families.”

He added: “They loved the course and it has been so encouraging to see them grow in skills and confidence, to the extent that they now they are able to change up the recipes and adapt them to suit their own tastes and preferences.”

One of the young mums, Jess, said: “I now know how to cut an onion properly! I made the carbonara at home and loved it! It tastes loads better than making it with cream – much tastier.”

Ben said: “At the end of the course we had a special meal where the young parents prepared their favourite dish for a group of invited people. They all loved it - it was a great success!”