Monday 30th September, 2019

Fun in the sun

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How lovely it is, as nights grow longer and days draw in during the autumn, to look back on happy memories of fun times experienced on holidays or day trips during the warmer summer months.

 However, at Romsey Mill, we know that the circumstances facing many of the young people, children and families with whom we work, mean that they would not normally be able to take a summer holiday, or enjoy days trips out.

Research by the National Citizen Service shows that over 50% of teenagers feel isolated during their time off from school: with a quarter saying the holidays are their loneliest time of the entire year, rising to 29% among girls.

Other studies show that parents in low income families find it harder to make ends meet during the summer holidays compared with term-time, with a staggering 93% of low income parents skipping at least one meal a day to make sure their children are fed.

That is why, throughout the summer, the Romsey Mill team organised a programme of over 30 different fun activities and trips for some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged local children, young people and families.

The programme comprised of trips for children and young families to the zoo, the seaside, and adventure parks; and activities for young people, such as quad biking, and trips to skate parks, water parks and residential outdoor centres.

In total, over 500 local young people, children and families enjoyed taking part in these activities.

Romsey Mill’s Programme Manager, James Bennett, said: “We wanted to give some of the most vulnerable local children and young people enjoyable experiences, and help to create positive memories that will last a lifetime.”

James added: “We do this because we know that these experiences can serve as a catalyst to transformation in young lives.”