Tuesday 8th March, 2011

Fyne food on catering course

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Students on a Step-up catering course spent an exciting morning at Loch Fyne Restaurant, sampling food and learning kitchen skills. Head Chef, Jamie Masarati, talked to the students about his own career path—an inspiring story from someone who is still only 22 years old.

The students are working towards their Level 1 assessment and are exploring food from a number of cultures. They have visited ethnic food shops and restaurants on Mill Road and had a visit from an Italian chef who taught them to make pizzas. 

A visit to Cambridge Fudge Kitchen was another great opportunity to learn a skill and try delicious samples.

At Loch Fyne they learnt how to fillet a whole salmon and built an ice display of fish.  They sampled different types of salmon, tried mussels and some luscious desserts.

To complete their course, the students now have to plan, shop for and cook a meal.

We look forward to seeing, and tasting the results.