Tuesday 17th January, 2012

Getting their voice heard

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Want to get your voice heard?

Young women at Romsey Mill began to think through current issues about which they felt strongly. In fact they felt so strongly that they organised a flash mob about one of them: Human Trafficking.

Joining forces with 'Cambridge Act for Justice', a group of red T-shirted young people met at a busy roundabout in Cambridge with placards and chains. They silently walked along the footpaths of the roundabout, held up anti-trafficking banners and handed out literature to pedestrians. After thirty minutes they blew whistles and departed.

Their flash mob featured in a short film made with Beverley Carpenter and featuring the young women exploring significant issues and getting their voice heard. The film was shown at a presentation in December at Cambridge Arts Salon attended by local people, campaigners and a representative from Cambridgeshire police.