Wednesday 20th June, 2012

Hair raising funds

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Mike Farrington, Alternative Education Coordinator, wore a ‘Cassie’ (R&B singer) haircut for one week. Having grown his hair for about two years, Mike decided on a dramatic change of style. Sponsors voted for two styles (the other one was footballer Mario Balotelli’s) and the biggest money-raiser won.

Various staff members joined in to clip away half of Mike's locks. While the rest of the staff tried to keep a straight face, Mike carried on with his work with his usual calm and commitment.

Romsey Mill's Alternative Education programme works with 14-16-year-olds who are struggling to engage with education, and may have been excluded from school. With the principle, 'everyone can achieve', the programme finds ways to re-engage young people and lead them through accredited, vocational courses.

As well as smiles, Mike has raised over £300 so far. You can support him, and Romsey Mill, at