Wednesday 4th May, 2016

Inspired by Aspire

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 Harriet and Toby

At the beginning of 2016 we were contacted by two families.  Both have a young person in their family who is on the autistic spectrum and who has attended Romsey Mill's Aspire youth groups.

Harriet Chapman is the older sister of Toby.  She grew up in Cambridge but now lives and works in York. Harriet wants to raise money for Aspire because she knows how the programme has helped Toby over the years.  She is raising money for the Aspire Programme by running the Leeds Half Marathon on 8th May and the York Full Marathon on 9th October.  To support Harriet and follow her progress please visit

Teresa Charge is an Aspire mum.  Her son Jack not only attended the Aspire youth groups until he was 19, he also became a volunteer with a younger group. Jack is now in his early 20s and doing really well but Teresa wants to raise money for Aspire to help younger children coming through the programme.  She will be taking on the Thames Path Challenge - 100km from Fulham to Henley within 24 hours across 10th -11th September.  To support Teresa and follow her progress please visit

Understandably staff and volunteers at Romsey Mill are really encouraged by what Harriet and Teresa are doing - thank you ladies.  If you feel inspired to raise funds, volunteer or promote Romsey Mill in any way we would love to hear from you.

 Jack and Teresa