Tuesday 19th December, 2017

Laura's Story

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Laura’s story:

Young mum, Laura, felt that she had lost her way after falling pregnant, but working with the team at Romsey Mill has helped her find ‘a better version’ of herself.

“My first contact with Romsey Mill came was when I found that I was pregnant and my midwife put me in touch with the team at Romsey Mill, and they initially helped me with advice on housing and relationship issues. At the time it was very difficult for me and my partner because there was such a big difference in our backgrounds, but the support from Romsey Mill was great and very helpful.

When our son Zach was born, I felt really low. I did not get out of bed or get dressed. It got to the stage that I was not looking after myself and I was not looking after my baby, Zach. But Beth, the Young Parents worker from Romsey Mill, was amazing. She had been visiting me before I was in this state, but she kept on coming round with lots of ideas to help me get out of the house, and was really positive in helping my partner, Ben, to know how he could help me. At the same time, Ben was also meeting with Romsey Mill’s Young Fathers worker, also called Ben. This was really important because we were not communicating well together as a couple – and they helped us in practical ways, working through a word graph to help us express our own feelings and better understand what each other was thinking or feeling.

Beth had recognised how serious my condition was becoming and took me to the doctors to help me get sorted – because there was now a risk that I could lose my child. The doctor diagnosed that I was suffering from Post Natal Depression. This was something that was really hard for me to admit, because I had witnessed it in my childhood with my own mum, and experienced the effect that it had on our family. It was really hard. Beth still encouraged me and maintained contact with me throughout, which then made it easier to go to the groups at Romsey Mill. She reassured me how well I was doing, even when I didn’t feel it, and always focussed on the positives and what I was capable of. She was constantly positive and never gave up on me.

Without Romsey Mill’s help I don’t know what would have happened. But thankfully they were there for me when I most needed help –and now my life is the complete opposite of how it was at that time. Zach is now 15 months old and I have been attending various courses at Romsey Mill. The most recent is the Shine course, where you find out about what sort of person you are, and it helps you to grow your feeling of self-worth. I can focus on myself without feeling guilty about it and it’s helping me to go out more, where before my focus was all on not going out and feeling bad about myself.

I am now taking driving lessons and really looking forward to going out and being able to go places. This is amazing, because I just felt trapped before. I used to find it really hard going out and even getting on a bus was too much for to think about, I was always worried about what everyone thought of me. I was petrified. But now, I am enjoying learning to drive and challenging myself to do something new. I can focus all my attention on my driving.

Before I was alone in the flat, doing nothing and full of anxiety. Now I spend time with the other mums at Babies and Buddies and meet up regularly with one of the mums I met at Romsey Mill. She brings her daughter with her, who has playdates with Zach, whilst we enjoy spending time together chatting,

My relationship with my partner Ben is also so much stronger. He is really supportive and just needed proof that I was getting better. He’s now much less anxious and we are doing well together.

I have now got a purpose for my future and I am starting to think about a career. The help that I have had from Romsey Mill has been so important in my life since I was pregnant. I lost myself on the way, but I have now found myself again – a better version of myself.”


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Donate to our Christmas Appeal here

 Give #ABetterPresent for #ABrighterFuture