Wednesday 13th February, 2019

Romsey Mill releases first album featuring local young musicians

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An album of songs and music written by young people from Cambridge, supported by local youth charity, Romsey Mill, has just been released online.

Romsey Mill creates opportunities with young people and families to help them overcome challenge and disadvantage, through a wide range of user-led programmes.

As part its youth development work, Romsey Mill has been running a successful music programme for many years, but this is the first ever collection of tracks written by the young people to be released.

Called “Light amongst sinners”, the album features the songs and music of 12 young artists who are all part of Romsey Mill’s music programme, and has been issued on the charity’s own social enterprise music label, Turntable Records. As well being available on online platforms (iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music), the album can also be purchased in CD format from Romsey Mill Centre in Cambridge

Romsey Mill’s music programme (part-funded by the National Foundation for Youth Music) has proved very effective in engaging with young people in the most vulnerable situations and who are at most risk.

Romsey Mill’s music specialist youth worker, Karl Lewis, produced the album. Karl fully understands the situations faced by the young people with whom he works, because he was once one of the young people helped by Romsey Mill, when he was a teenager.

Karl says: “I first got involved with Romsey Mill when me and my mates used to throw raves. The Police didn’t like it and neither did the locals. But Romsey Mill provided us with the opportunity and a place to play our music. The fact that Romsey Mill believed in me has been so important in helping me become the person I am today.”

Karl’s leadership potential was recognised by Romsey Mill and he was supported in becoming a young leader, and eventually a youth worker, specialising in music.

Karl said: “I love hearing young people’s stories. They don’t always talk about their lives in other situations but they open up a lot more when they write lyrics. I love seeing them grow in confidence through music and helping them realise that they can do well in life even if they haven’t done well in school. I love my work because I now have the opportunity to help impact young people’s lives”.

Each year, Romsey Mill works with over 900 disadvantaged young people; providing opportunities for them to engage in positive activities that interest them, and helping them to learn new skills that raise their aspirations; and creating positive cycles of change for them as individuals and for their communities.

Mike Farrington, who leads the youth development work at Romsey Mill, said: “The title of the album ‘Light Amongst Sinners, acknowledges that it is a difficult world for young people, but there is hope!”

He added: “At Romsey Mill, we love young people and are passionate about supporting them to overcome challenge, live fulfilling lives and inspire change in the world around them. This album has been a labour of love, and we are so proud of the young people involved, who have written songs that openly reflect their experiences, and have committed to making their songs as good as they can be.”

Wanya, aged 17, is one of the young people to feature on ‘Light Amongst Sinners’. He wrote the song and produced the music for his track ‘Moving Shook’, which closes the 14 track album.

Wanya said: “When I first went to Romsey Mill and saw the studio it was inspiring – and being around so many people who loved rap, like I do, was also inspiring. I am so proud to have a track on the album, for it to be so personal. And to have been able to work with Karl and the others has been amazing.”


The new album is available to purchase in CD format from Romsey Mill Centre, Hemingford Road, Cambridge, CB1 3BZ, or in various online formats (see left of screen).


Buy 'Light amongst sinners' online:

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