Tuesday 9th October, 2012

Nick's ultra Saharan challenge

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Nick MacKenzie, husband of Cat, our Children's Centre administrator, has set himself an amazingly impressive challenge to raise money for us. Please sponsor him and make all the pain worthwhile for him and Romsey Mill.

Nick writes: 'Last May, having forgotton how much a marathon hurts, I stupidly signed up to participate in the (April) 2013 Marathon des Sables, a multi-day ultra-marathon race in the Sahara desert. Over six days I hope to cover 156 miles across salt plains, sand dunes and rocky terrain in temparatures reaching 50 degrees celcius. The race is dubbed "The Toughest Footrace on Earth" and has broken much better runners than me. To prepare, I'll be running about 3500 training miles, sitting in a sauna every lunch break between now and April and dragging Cat to all manner of weird races across the UK.

'With your help I'm hoping something beneficial can come out of all this madness. Romsey Mill does a fantastic job supporting hard-to-reach young people.

'Anything you could contribute woud be hugely appreciated.'