Monday 4th December, 2017

Michael Rosen Launches Heffers' Giving Tree Appeal

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We are delighted that Heffers book shop, here in Cambridge have chosen to support Romsey Mill through their Christmas Giving Tree appeal.

This year the Giving Tree appeal gives Heffer's customers the opportunity to buy a book for a Romsey Mill child. Labels have been hung on the Christmas tree describing the kind of book needed.  Customers get to choose and purchase a book and Heffers gift wrap it and donate to Romsey Mill.  We have 40 Pre-School children who we hope will be receiving a book for Christmas.

Yvonne Burke, our Early Years Coordinator says"We believe that looking at picture books and sharing stories with an adult should be part of every child’s early experience. Bedtime stories create a lovely warm bond between parent and child, and also broaden the child’s experience of language and the world around them. These gifts of beautiful story books from Heffers will encourage our parents to read with their children. What a wonderful Christmas gift!"

Somebody who we know would heartily agree with this sentiment is author, former Children's Laureate, political campaigner and national treasure, Michael Rosen, and we were thrilled when we heard that Michael had agreed to come and launch the Heffers Christmas Giving Tree appeal, whilst he was in town launching his new memoir, 'So They Call You Pisher!'

We are so encouraged when local businesses chose to support our work and we want to say a big Thank You to Heffers for chosing to support Romsey Mill with this year's Giving Tree and a special 'Thank you' goes to Michael Rosen for taking the time to lend his voice to this appeal.