Friday 30th September, 2016

Money Matters for The Mill's Young Mums

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A group of mums from Romsey Mill’s Children’s Centre have taken part in a special six-week financial education course delivered in partnership with The Cambridge Building Society, for parents who wanted to find out more about managing their money.

Rachel Briant, Children’s Centre Project Worker at Romsey Mill said “We run a number of courses at our Children’s Centres on topics such as healthy living, cooking, literacy and creative sewing; and we were delighted to join up with The Cambridge to run a new course on personal finance.”

One of the parents who took part, Leanne, said: “I really enjoyed the course. I learnt so much and I have already saved so much too. I also learnt not to waste money! And my two children have their own account with savings in now, which is great. I really enjoyed it.”

Customer Contact Centre Supervisor Gemma and Customer Service Adviser Aileen delivered the course that covered a different topic each week and included understanding and managing your finances, how to budget, how to make your money go further and planning for the future.

Gemma said “We worked with Romsey Mill to develop the course to make sure it was informative, gave practical tips and was delivered in a fun way, as much as we could. It certainly wasn’t about us talking all the time and we had some great discussions – like how to make savings on the things you buy and how to protect yourself from financial fraud - with quite a few of the group having stories to share.”

Aileen said “To finish off we had a bit of recap on what we’d covered and what everyone had learnt and I was really pleased to hear about the changes that people were making. One week we did a blind chocolate taste test to show that switching from premium brand products can save a lot of money and you don’t always notice a difference in quality. That seemed to have really struck a chord with the group with many of them trying alternatives and noticing a difference in how much they spend.”

At the end of the course, The Cambridge opened accounts for each of the parents’ children and deposited £25 in their accounts too to help them start their own planning for the future.

Rachel Briant said “It was great to see the parents grow in confidence as they learnt more about personal finance. Now they will be able to teach their own children about managing money too, which is really important.”


One of the other parents on the course was Michaela who talked about the help she’s had from Romsey Mill.

Michaela said “I’ve been coming to Romsey Mill for as long as I can remember because when I was younger, I did get up to quite a bit of mischief! I did the Youth Development Programme that really helped me realise that I could make some positive changes.”

“I had my four children when I was quite young that did set me back a bit with my education but Romsey Mill has been amazing. I’ve done lots of courses like health and safety, a parenting course and catering and cooking course that did a lot for my confidence.”

“I really enjoyed the catering and cooking course I did so in September I’m starting a hospitality and catering course at Cambridge Regional College to get some more formal qualifications. As part of the course I’ll also be working one day a week at the Open Lunch Café at the Cambridge Community Church to get some more experience.”

“I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be doing any of this if it wasn’t for the help I’ve had from Romsey Mill. Just over the last few months they have helped me look in to courses that would work for me having youngsters, helped me with my application and finding somewhere to do the work experience as well as help me think about childcare while I’m doing that.”