Tuesday 4th October, 2011

Vote for £6000!

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Sadly not for you, but Romsey Mill, and specifically for our wonderful Aspire programme!

As someone who knows about our work we would like to invite you to tell others what you think of us and to also vote via the Natwest Community Force website. The nice people at Natwest are keen to award £6000 to three local projects in their Cambridge region and of course we would like it to be us. You don’t have to be or become a Natwest customer to take part so here’s what we would like you to do…

Step 1

  1. Go to the Natwest Community Force website
  2. Register your email details on their website (don’t worry you can tick a box later to ensure you don’t receive spam)

Next validate your registration by clicking on the link in the registration email they send straight back to you.

  1. Next search for Romsey Mill under the projects tab
  2. Click on the icon on the map
  3. Click on read more (opens new page with details of the Aspire project)
  4. Tick box to agree with terms and conditions
  5. Click the vote button (NB you have 2 further votes, but can only vote for Romsey Mill once, if you feel the need to vote for someone else, please consider a project OUTSIDE of the Cambridge area. Eg Yorkshire)

Step 2

  1. Use the share buttons on the community force website to tell all your facebook and twitter friends to do the same.

NB Just hitting “like” won’t explain the process, better to add some text and get them to vote and then do the same with their friends network.

Step 3

  1. Send this email to all your contacts and kindly ask them to repeat the whole process.