Thursday 2nd May, 2013

Neil's Challenge: 23 Cambridgeshire Peaks in 1 Day

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Voting has closed and the challenge is decided!  Following a week of voting, we are pleased to announce that the challenge Neil will undertake is Cambridgeshire 23 ‘peaks’, which received 60% of the total votes, with ‘Imaginative Journey to Work’ receiving 25% of the votes and a sponsored silence receiving 15%.


This really will be a challenge for Neil, who recently ran the Sawston Fun Run, this being the furthest he has run at just 5 miles! He is both excited and daunted by the challenge and will now start training to make sure he completes the double marathon in one day.


Starting at the lowest land lying position in Britain, at Holme Fen in Cambridgeshire, Neil will cover 23 ‘peaks’ in Cambridgeshire, finishing at Great Chishill, the highest point in Cambridgeshire (146 metres/479 feet). 


Neil will now complete a medical and get advice about training after which we will be able to confirm a date for the challenge and will provide details of how to sponsor him – watch this space!  If there is anyone out there who has experience in training for this type of event, we would love to hear from you.