Thursday 25th April, 2013

Voting now open for Neil's challenge

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It has taken Neil Perry, our CEO, just over two years to thaw out from his sleep-out adventure for Romsey Mill’s 30th Birthday and now he is ready for a new challenge. You may remember that Neil braved sub-zero temperatures and snow as he spent 30 nights camping outdoors to raise money for Romsey Mill but this time he would like you to choose the challenge!

During the last couple of weeks we have been receiving suggestions from members of the public for Neil’s next challenge. We have now shortlisted down to 3 possibilities and we need you to vote to decide what Neil’s challenge will be.


The Shortlist

Sponsored Silence – Neil will continue to carry out his job while keeping silence for one whole week. Those who know Neil well will no doubt agree that this is no mean feat!

Cambridgeshire 23 ‘peaks’ – Starting at the lowest land lying position in Britain, at Holme Fen in Cambridgeshire, Neil will run/walk the equivalent of a double marathon (52 miles), covering 23 ‘peaks’ in Cambridgeshire and finishing at Great Chishill, the highest point in Cambridgeshire (146metres/479feet).  Neil has never even run a half marathon and he will endeavour to do this challenge in one day!

Imaginative journey to work – Neil will travel to work each day for a month using a different mode of transport. Neil lives approx. 7 miles away from Romsey Mill and he will endeavour to travel to work by different means each day - Roller skates, canoe, horse-drawn cart...

 Voting will close on Thursday 2nd May at 10am and Neil’s challenge will be announced later that day. You can vote by clicking here or via our Facebook page