Tuesday 27th March, 2012

Playgroup is Outstanding

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We know that our Playgroup is very special - and now it’s official. Our latest Ofsted inspection returned the verdict, ‘Outstanding’ in every category, after a surprise visit earlier this month.

The inspection report recognises that:

Children feel safe and secure in this exceptionally inclusive setting. An excellent understanding of children’s individual needs and highly effective partnerships with parents ensure each child makes the best possible progress in learning and development. Staff are highly skilled in offering personalised support for all children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

The report warmly describes children who chat happily with each other and staff, children choosing their activities with great enjoyment and children thriving.

It mentions parents enthusiastic about the high level of care at Playgroup and the excellent communication between them and staff that facilitates the best possible care for the children.

There are thirty-one children on roll at the Playgroup. We have three one-to-one workers supporting children with special educational needs, and nine children who have English as an additional language. Seven staff members are supported with additional help from eighteen volunteers and students.

Playgroup’s reputation is already so good that there are thirty names on the waiting list for September.

Rachel Matthews, who has led the Playgroup for the past twenty years, said, ‘This is an amazing tribute to the hard work of an outstanding team. We’re delighted that our work with families in this part of Cambridge has been recognised in this way.’

Chief Executive Neil Perry said, ‘We are delighted that this Report recognises the excellent quality of provision provided by Romsey Mill’s skilled and caring staff team. We’re grateful for the partnerships with parents, families and the wider community that enhance our work.  Romsey Mill will carry on taking steps to maintain our outstanding Playgroup provision, to ensure that children in our care continue to thrive.’

Staff and managers are passionate about their roles and strive to bring about change.

Children thrive in this inclusive and welcoming setting.

View the report in full.