Friday 15th April, 2016

Romsey Mill's young musicians support Brazilian hip-hop star

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On Thursday 21st April, some of the young people involved in Romsey Mill's music project will be performing as support act to an international hip-hop star.

Criolo, who is a Brazilian rapper is appearing at The Cambridge Junction - the first venue on his first UK tour, which goes on throughout April.

And eight boys from Romsey Mill, who range in age from 15 to 18, have been asked to perform alongside Criolo as support act.

The Romsey Mill rappers have been writing their own songs for the event as well creating new material using Criolo's instrumental. On the day, they will also have a chance to meet him before performing their set.

The boys, many of whom were involved in Romsey Mill's partnership event with The Junction, called Rapademic, last July, will be performing as Flava T, Tevz, General T, Skeemz, Quarmz, Don Tukz, Street Inc and Rhetoric.

Karl Lewis, Music Specialist Youth Worker at Romsey Mill, said, “This is a big thing for them because, in Cambridge, they don’t actually have many opportunities for what they’re doing. I think it is important that I’m a part of this process because I understand them, I have been through a lot of their situations in my life. They need somewhere to let off steam and have fun and some of the songs they make are mind-blowing. The more they work with each other, the more they understand each other’s abilities.”

Jon Sanders, Lead Youth Development Worker for South and East Cambridge, said, “It is great that Cambridge Live are giving us this opportunity to support Criolo. The lads are really looking forward to performing and showing off their talents. It gives a real focus to what they’re doing and something to aim for, as well as improving their confidence and aspirations which can they influence other areas of their life as well.”

To buy tickets for the concert, go to: Criolo tickets

Tickets are £14, but there is a 50% discount for those quoting "ROMSEYMILL" in the promotion code.

To buy tickets for the concert, go to: Criolo tickets

For a 50% discount, quote "ROMSEYMILL" in the promotion code.