Friday 24th March, 2017

Sewing Growing Confidence

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A stitch in time saves nine – and can also help save money.

That is one of the lessons a group of parents from Romsey Mill and Cherry Hinton’s Children’s Centres has picked up whilst taking part in a short course to teach them how to sew.

The course is designed to teach basic sewing skills and to give a chance to put those new found skills into practice on small projects, such as cloth bags, cushions and bunting.

The parents taking part have all gained confidence in learning to use a sewing machine, sewing hemlines and also sewing buttons onto clothes.

As well as enjoying how to be creative with sewing and learning new skills, the participants have also learned how sewing can help save money - by making and mending things and replacing buttons, and not having to throw clothes out or buy new.

Susie Boxhall, a student placement worker with Romsey Mill, who helps run the course, says: “Most of the parents on the course have never sewn anything before. The members of the group each made their own cushions and bags and so were much more confident in what they could do by the end.”

Miriam Ogborn, a volunteer from City Church in Cambridge, who has been delivering the course with Susie, says: “We are working with scraps of material that are valuable but have been discarded. Yet in the hands of a craftsman these can be rescued and made into something beautiful and of great worth. In a similar way, I believe Jesus is able to do this with each one of us.“

Susie adds: “It is encouraging to see the group grow in confidence, in their sewing and in their relationships with each other. I loved hearing them talk of meeting up outside of the sewing course. These peer networks can help people to support each other in so many ways, which is really important for many parents who can feel isolated.”