Monday 9th April, 2018

Skate & Scooter Jams

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For many young people, the local skate park is a favourite place to hang out.   Not only is it a place to socialise with friends, do something physically active and learn new tricks and skills but it is also their space; owned and inhabited by young people.  

With this in mind, skateparks are often the foundation of a tightly-knit community giving young people a real sense of identity and belonging sometimes with individuals who fail to experience that anywhere else.  

Therefore, when Romsey Mill youth workers undertake their detached youth work, the local skate park is a frequent place to visit and begin to engage with young people, including some who would be considered amongst the hardest to reach.  

As well as establishing relationships with these young people and encouraging them to attend Romsey Mill’s open access youth groups and activities, our youth workers have organised Scooter and Skate  Jams. These events allow the young people to show off their skills and take part in competitions. 

In February, the youth development team based in Hampton, Peterborough organised a Skatepark Jam and more than 150 young people attended, bringing along their skateboards, scooters and bikes. 

Dave Read, youth development worker in Hampton, said: “The event was planned as a way to encourage the young people who use the skate park in Hampton and celebrate their skills.”

He added: “The Jam included a competition which gave the young people a a chance to show off their tricks and win some prizes whilst doing so.”

These events show how much Romsey Mill values young people and their interests.

They also provide an opportunity to help the young people learn other skills, and develop their leadership potential which will be of use to them in the future. 

Last year, in the north of Cambridge city, a group of young people who attend the skate park in Orchard Park were encouraged by Romsey Mill youth workers to set up a Youth Action Committee and plan and run their own Scooter Jam. 

The Youth Action Committee gave the young people responsibility for organising the event, which involved them liaising with the local community centre, planning the activities for the day and gaining valuable skills in putting on a community event.