Tuesday 23rd May, 2017

Turntable Records - Sounds Like Change

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Romsey Mill is launching a new initiative to help sustain its successful music programme in the long term and provide opportunities for young people to further develop their talent for urban music.

Romsey Mill’s successful music programme has invested in the creative, artistic and personal potential of more than 100 young people (aged 10-21) and particularly those who face significant challenges in their lives.

This work has been led by Karl Lewis, Romsey Mill’s music specialist youth worker—who himself was supported by Romsey Mill as a young person; and is largely funded by a grant from the National Foundation for Youth Music. Using studios at Romsey Mill Centre, The Meadows in Arbury and Cambourne Soul Building, many young musicians have been supported to learn new skills in song writing, and make and record their own music.

This has resulted in Romsey Mill’s partnership with Cambridge Junction to host an annual showcase called Rapademic, which takes place this year on 3rd August.

To help develop the programme and create opportunities for the young musicians to progress, Romsey Mill has now set up its own record label called Turntable Records; and a studio production social enterprise (Turntable Studios).

The venture is being run by Tim Goddard, who has been giving his time voluntarily whilst the enterprise gets up and running.

Tim, whose own background in music includes performing and producing, said: “I’m really enthused by the idea of helping young people to express their creativity in a professional and supportive environment.”

The label will feature resident artists, including Karl (or K.D. to use his stage name), who will be mentors and role models for the aspiring young artists who Romsey Mill has supported over several years. An album of original tracks featuring the resident artists and emerging performers will be released online on July 21st , on iTunes, Google play and Amazon.

An online giving page for the venture has been set up to help raise money to invest in equipment, develop the label and fund staff time: www.gofundme.com/TurntableRecords

If you would like to know more about the initiative, or feel that you can help in any way, including financial support, please contact Tim directly: tim.goddard@turntable-records.co.uk


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