Thursday 10th December, 2015

Twelve Days of Christmas 2015 - a story for the tenth day

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Christopher* has autism. He cannot explain how he feels especially when he’s upset or frustrated and gets emotional easily.  Christopher is very focused and will take in loads of information about a subject he is interested in, but if something is happening that doesn’t grab his attention, he will drift off or change the subject to suit him.  He doesn’t like loud noises and will either cover his ears or leave the room.

Sadly, Christopher can’t go out to play as he has picked on and dared to do inappropriate things, which he will do because he thinks this will make his peers accept him.  Relationships are formed quickly but are not sustained as people become bored with his narrow interests and immaturity.

Attending an Aspire group benefits Christopher because it makes him want to expand his horizons especially with people he trusts apart from his family, and  it benefits his parents as they no longer worry that he is stuck in his own world. His parents also appreciate knowing families who are in the same situation and having somewhere to turn when things get too much.

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