Monday 28th May, 2012

Waste couture workshops

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Nearly three million textile items are dumped in landfill everyday in the UK: that's half a million tonnes each year. Eye opening stats like these gave one of Kate Nation's groups of young women extra enthusiasm for recycling fabrics to create new, saleable items.

Local artist Beverley Carpenter approached Kate with the idea of running workshops to create a 'fashion label for waste fabrics', using a mobile screen printing set-up to produce textiles to be displayed at Strawberry Fair and Cambridge's Big Weekend. As Kate's young women had already been talking about fundraising by making printed items from used fabrics, Beverley's offer couldn't have come at a better time.

During the sessions, the young women created stencils of their own, or used some of Beverley's, to paint their designs onto t-shirts and other recycled fabric items, before progressing to using the screen printing facility.

They're delighted with results, looking forward to taking their ideas further and to seeing them installed at Strawberry fair on Saturday.

Beverley Carpenter has international experience in making public art and in social activism. She previously worked with another Romsey Mill young women's group to create a film exploring the idea of 'getting your voice heard'.