Throughout October, Romsey Mill’s Pre-school children learned about Black History. They contributed artwork and designs to the colourful display boards.

Valene Dear One of the pre-school team, Valene Dear, explains why it is important for our pre-schoolers to learn about Black History. She says:

“Black history is important in pre-school to show children from a young age that positive role models can be from any culture.” 
“We looked at some positive black role-models through history and of today, including mathematician Katherine Johnson, one of the first African-American women to work as a NASA scientist and who helped with the historic Apollo 11 trip to the moon in 1969. The children were engrossed in many different crafts involving shapes and numbers; and enjoyed making a space rocket and singing “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!” as they blasting off into space! 
We also heard about Garret Morgan, who invented the first three signal traffic light in 1922 in the USA.  We enjoyed learning the significance of the different colours of the traffic lights and practiced conforming to the light requests in our activities and games. With yellow, green signalling; “Ready, Go!”  and yellow and red signalling “Ready Stop!”  

Another member of the Pre-school team, Pauline Mawusi, says: Pauline Mawusi 

“It is important to introduce Black History to the children, to share the richness in our culture and the inspirational beauty within us.” 
They enjoyed making flags of some of the Caribbean countries and hearing stories of some relatives that were born and raised there. 
The children also had opportunities to make African- style drums and necklaces. We read a book written by Cedella Marley, based on the song “One Love” and the interactive stories Black sports people and My First Heroes. "