Young Parents Programme

supporting teenage and young parents for success

"I've become an adult. Coming to the groups reassures me I'm doing things right with my child."

The Young Parents Programme is a leading provider of services for teenage and young parents in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire. It provides intensive personal, educational and parenting support, equipping young parents and their children for a positive future. The programme includes:

  • home visits and one-to-one support
  • antenatal classes tailored for young mums and dads
  • postnatal groups for peer support and child development
  • courses such as the Arts Award, literacy and numeracy
  • support to move on to further training, education, employment
  • support to integrate into local community groups.

We also offer one-to-one and group support for young fathers (age 25 and under) - information about becoming and being a dad; looking after babies; work, college or training; and arranging to see your child.

"It has given me, as a father, a lot of support to be a good father."

For more information, contact the Young Parents Programme team. You can email us or call Romsey Mill, during normal office hours on 01223 566092 and select #3 for the Young Parents Programme.


Some of our courses are subsidised by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and part financed by the 2014-20 European Social Fund (ESF) programme.   This funding is managed by Cambridgeshire County Council, Adult Learning and Skills.   A short video covering the background of ESF, what it does, how it helps and who benefits is available on the European Union website:

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 Equality and Diversity

We are fully committed to equality of opportunity and welcome enrolments from all adults aged 19+. We positively encourage all learners with any concerns about specific needs which might affect their learning to discuss their requirements with us in confidence. We believe that everyone is entitled to learn in an environment that is free from discriminatory behaviour so that we build a community based on mutual trust and respect. We will do our best to ensure that resources and equipment are accessible to all and make reasonable adjustments to ensure that all learners can access activities.

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 National Careers Service (NCS)

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