Romsey Mill loves young people and is passionate about supporting them to overcome challenge, lead fulfilling lives and inspire change in the world around them.

In July, the Youth Development Team organised a Youth Celebration Night at City Church, in Cambridge.

Jon Sanders, our Youth Development Team Coordinator, talks about the event:

Our Youth Celebration Night is a great opportunity to celebrate young people and their achievements over the past year.

 For so many of our young people, the past couple of years has brought a great deal of challenge. We wanted to organize an event for the young people to event to celebrate being together again and to recognise their value as individuals and acknowledge their significant achievements through such a difficult time.

Over 100 of the young people we work with attended the event, many joined by their families, as well as representatives from partner organisations, funders, schools and local businesses. Over 200 were there. They were all treated to gourmet burgers, cooked by young people, and then a series of live music performances, from pop to folk to rap, it had something for everyone!

Youth celebration 2022 music

Young people were also awarded certificates by their youth workers, to celebrate their achievements; and some young people were interviewed about the time they spend with Romsey Mill and the difference it makes.

One of our young people said:

“Coming to group has helped my mental health and anxiety and how I feel towards myself. I feel like every time I go to group all my insecurities are washed away”

Beth Bailey, the Head of Creative Learning at Cambridge Junction, said after the Celebration evening:

“Tonight was brilliant, thanks for the invitation. So great to see so many young people in the audience and onstage, celebrating themselves and supporting their peers. I hope you all get a moment to reflect on this evening and recognise the great work you all do.”


Youth Celebration 2022 Cambourne


Youth Development Team’s work

Romsey Mill's Youth Development Team works with disadvantaged, at-risk and vulnerable young people aged 10 - 21 years.

Our youth workers are based in specific geographical areas within Cambridge, South Cambs and Peterborough, where they become embedded in the local community and can ideally see the same young people a number of times each week in a variety of contexts

We love young people and are passionate about supporting them to overcome challenge, live fulfilling lives and inspire change in the world around them.

We place a strong emphasis on nurturing developmental relationships with each young person through shared experiences that the young people enjoy.

This quote from a young person explains what Romsey Mill  means to them:

“Romsey Mill is the main reason I made it through school and managed to create a life after school. They also allowed me to grow in confidence and recognise the skills and talents I possess.”


In the past year:

Total number of young people regularly involved in Romsey Mill’s youth development team activities: 1,192

Number of young people we supported regularly in more than one context: 512

Number of weekly open access and targeted groups: 61

Number of young people receiving regular 1:1 support: 99

Number of young people we supported in a time of crisis: 101


 Youth Celebration 2022 Trumpington