The positive impact of Romsey Mill’s work with young people in Hampton has been acknowledged by Peterborough City Council.

In May, at a special presentation that took place in Peterborough Town Hall, Dave Read (Lead Youth Development Worker, Hampton) received a Civic Award for Romsey Mill’s contribution to art and culture within the city.

Dave Read with Civic Award

Speaking of Romsey Mill’s work in Hampton, Dave says:  

"Romsey Mill has been working in Hampton since 2017. We support hundreds of young people, including many who are amongst the most at risk and in need in the local area, by working with them to create innovative project that suit their interests and their needs.

Our music studio sessions help to form strong relationships with young people and address things they may be struggling with. Many face risk of becoming exploited by gangs, and involvement in criminal behaviour. We provide a safe space where they can develop interests and talents in positive creative activities, through which we can build relationships of trust, to better support them through the situations they face.   

We have also been able to work in partnership with two local schools, Hampton Gardens and Hampton College. At Hampton Gardens we have been providing some one-to-one support for young people, and have also set up a group to support young people who have gone through bereavement. At Hampton College, we are currently running a group for year 7s and 8s who struggle with low confidence, and struggle to form relationships with their peers. In both schools, we also provide lunch-time detached sessions once a week. This is a great opportunity to engage with a variety of young people in another community setting, which helps us to better understand their needs, and provide them with more effective support.

A few years ago, we set up a group to support young people in Hampton who were struggling with mental health. At their suggestion, this developed into an art group. This has been, for them, an excellent place to engage in art and games, and go on trips out. It has also provided a safe space for great conversations on a wide range of topics, including the things that make them anxious, their thoughts about their identity and what they want to do with their lives. Many of these young people are now looking to go on to university, having previously had low aspirations or hope for their future.

Our open access football sessions on Friday evenings regularly have up to 30 young people who turn up to play. As well as seeing the young people grow in confidence and ability, these sessions provide an excellent opportunity for our youth workers to chat with them and support them with other needs and issues they have.

Speaking of the Civic Award, Dave says: 

"It is really encouraging to know that the local community leaders are aware and appreciative of the work that Romsey Mill is doing in Peterborough. We are looking forward to being able to continue and expand the work we currently provide in Hampton, with the appointment of an additional youth worker, to get alongside young people and work with to help them experience positive change for good in their lives and in their community."

Romsey Mill is able to deliver youth development work in Hampton, thanks to grant funding from Youth Music and the Cherry Family Foundation.

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