Physical play, in a safe, interesting and fun setting, helps to stimulate children’s development.

Syliva Briscoe, Romsey Mill's Pre-school Co-ordinator says:

"There are many different aspects that need to be considered when identifying different types of play environments. To encourage a child to want to participate in play, they need to feel relaxed, welcome and interested in what is on offer.

To achieve this at both our Romsey Mill pre-school settings, we ensure that the physical environment is attractive, safe and interesting, so that each child is stimulated and can freely play. We provide the children in our care with enabling environments and opportunities to physically develop. This is not only in terms of their gross motor skills but also to progress their fine motor skills too, both of which benefit from regular practice.

There is always a wide range of activities on offer, and all are set out at an appropriate height so that they can be accessed by all the children. There are always opportunities to participate in physical activities either indoors or outdoors.

Daily, we have craft activities for the children, such as mark making using a variety of materials, for example, wax crayons, chalks, paints with brushes or sponges or hands which can encourage both fine and gross motor skills. Resources are also set out to encourage imaginative role play which may involve fine motor skills handling small world toys or dressing up in outfits.

Although the outdoor area at the Romsey Mill Centre Pre-school setting is quite small, the children regularly go to the sports hall for physical activities like soft play, which they love.

In both the pre-school settings, the outside areas provide the children with the opportunity to move in a variety of ways, running, jumping, climbing etc. Muscles are strengthened, stamina and eye co-ordination is improved, as the children learn to ride trikes and other large vehicles, explore soft-play, walk along stepping stones, climb and slide down the slide and just generally have a great time!" 

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