Romsey Mill’s Youth Development Team engages with about 2,000 young people across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. 
As well as delivering vital community-based youth development work in Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Romsey Mill also partners with smaller, local grassroots youth organisations.

Romsey Mill is able to offer youth work expertise, training, organisational infrastructure, and line management support and supervision for youth workers who are with these grassroots youth organisations.  For the past six years, Romsey Mill has partnered with the Beacon Youth Trust to provide support for young people in Linton, in South Cambridgeshire. 

Here is a profile of Beacon Youth Trust’s work in Linton, in partnership with Romsey Mill. 

The Beacon Youth Trust is a Christian youth charity supported by the churches of Linton and Linton Parish Council. Youth Development Worker Cynthia Mukoko and Youth Support Worker Becky Campbell deliver a wide range of activities in the local community, supported by a fantastic team of volunteers. They also provide support for young people who may be going through a difficult time whilst at Linton Village College through mentoring, and detached work at lunchtimes. Linton Parish Council provides significant funding to help Beacon Youth Trust deliver after-school and evening youth clubs at the drop-in centre, as well as extra activities and trips in the holidays.

Cynthia Mukoko, Linton Youth Development Worker, says:

“I'm deeply inspired by the individuality and immense potential each young person embodies. 
Supporting them in their journey of self-discovery and unlocking their inherent potential is what drives my passion for this work.
“Because of the Beacon Youth Trust’s partnership with Romsey Mill, I am part of a bigger team. For example, it is great to able to celebrate the achievements of young people from Linton alongside other the young people that Romsey Mill is with.” 

Stephen Munday, Chair of the Beacon Youth Trust, says of the support offered to Beacon Youth Trust by Romsey Mill:

'It is really important for the Beacon Youth Trust to work in partnership with Romsey Mill. Romsey Mill’s experience ensures that our youth workers can receive the professional support and development that they need, and it provides us with the organisational infrastructure that we lack as a small local charity. The youth work at Linton is thriving, most obviously because we now have two great youth workers working really well and effectively together, complementing each other's skills and attributes, and delivering excellent community-based youth work

Speaking of the wider work of Beacon Youth Trust, Stephen says:

'The Beacon Youth Trust team also offers opportunities for young people to explore the Christian faith through small groups and a monthly Youth service on Sundays. We are very excited for the future and what God has in store next and how our youth workers can lead us further forward.'

In addition to the Beacon Youth Trust, Romsey Mill partners with a number of local grassroots organisations to deliver community-based youth work including Cambourne Youth Partnership, Northstowe Youth Hive and SSYI (Shelford and Stapleford Youth Initiative).