Mark Ashton was appointed Mayor of Cambridge earlier this year and has chosen Romsey Mill and Cambridge Aid to be his two local charities during his Mayoral year. He explains why both charities are so important to him.

“During my life, I twice experienced being made redundant, suffered from depression when my father died, and been over reliant on credit cards. With help, support and my faith, I managed to overcome these challenges. However, many people do not get the help they need to get out of crises, and some can turn to drugs or alcohol.

I am very aware that many residents in Cambridge are facing unbelievable challenges that are not of their making, due to rises in the price of energy and fuel; increases in food costs, inflation, rent etc. Their income is not going to be sufficient for them to manage and there will be massive impacts on those charities trying to help them out.

Cambridge Aid and Romsey Mill both provide vital support for those in greatest need.

Cambridge Aid provides over £100,000 of relief each year, to local people who desperately need help, through a series of small grants. Over 50% of those supported have some form of mental health difficulty, and one in five has experienced some form of domestic abuse.

Romsey Mill’s vision of a transformed society, in which all young people, children and families fully belong, positively contribute and thrive, is practically worked out through creating opportunities with those experiencing disadvantage.

Both these amazing charities suffered during Covid with reduced donations but continue to support those in need.

I am working with both charities to organise a special Christmas Appeal and also joint quiz event in February 2023 to help raise funds and awareness of their excellent work.”

If you would like to know more about the joint fundraising activities for Romsey Mill and Cambridge Aid, as part of their being The Mayor of Cambridge's charities, please contact [email protected]

(Pictured: Mark Ashton, the Mayor of Cambridge; Neil Perry, CEO of Romsey Mill; Barbara Ashton, Mayoress) 

The Mayor and Mayoress with Neil Perry