Romsey Mill's Pre-school has two settings in Cambridge. which provide a safe, happy, inclusive and caring environment for children to explore, play and learn, as we support their early development. 

However, our Pre-school offers much more than just a place for a children in their early years. 

Because of the relational approach to our work, Romsey Mill's team engages with the families and carers of those children attending our Pre-schools, and can offer timely, much-needed help and support in a number of different contexts. 

One of the parents who has children attending Romsey Mill Pre-school shares about the support she has received from our team and the difference that this help is making in her life.

She says:

"When my son began attending Romsey Mill Pre-school over two years ago he faced many obstacles in the first few months.

Having been brought up during the height of Covid19 and lockdown his communication skills were limited from having almost no interaction with other children his age. To add to this, his Health Visitor raised concerns as to whether he might also have other additional needs that may need to be addressed.

Within a few weeks, the Pre-school had not only been able to observe him and get the ball rolling on what is now a formal ASD (autism spectrum disorder) diagnosis. 

They were able to support me through the entire process. They reassured me on what was going on in terms of assessment; advising me on things I knew very little about regarding procedure. They also arranged meetings with the different professionals involved and are now even helping with my son's school applications.

Overall, Romsey Mill helped me with everything, from support with my finances, accessing cost of living vouchers and when things were really tough they even helped me apply for food vouchers.

Last Christmas, they offered me and other families that were struggling with the added expenditure of the season, a full Christmas dinner that was donated by some of the kind businesses in the community, to help on the day. It wasn't until we received it, that it transpired that this was not just a dinner, it was a gift filled with lovely biscuits, mince pies and even toys!

I can't tell you how much this meant to us and how thankful we were to Romsey Mill and all the contributors who donated and took time to make my family so happy at Christmas.

Since then, the Pre-school team has invited us to a sensory Circus, a Coronation picnic at Parker's Piece and have taken the children on numerous outings to places like the Cambridge Mosque and St Philips church, which has been wonderful.

I can quite honestly say that Romsey Mill have been so much more than just a Pre-school, they have been a pillar of kindness and support that has been invaluable. So much so, that my daughter joined the Pre-school this October, and I wouldn't have dreamed of sending her anywhere else."

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