A young woman, who was previously part of Romsey Mill’s Young Parents Programme, went on to be awarded a prize for top marks on her Law degree course at University.

Fabia received the Mills and Reeve Prize for the best undergraduate major project on her Law degree course at Anglia Ruskin University. Her project was considered to be so impressive that she received the following glowing report from her tutor: “The best dissertation I have ever read, the highest mark I have ever given and that I probably ever will give”.

Fabia first engaged with Romsey Mill when she was pregnant, She attended antenatal and baby groups, supported by her young parents' workers.

She said:

"Romsey Mill is a safe, welcoming place. It was one space where we could get together and know that we weren’t judged. We asked questions freely and got help. We didn’t have to worry. It would get you out of the house and meeting other mums in the same position. Had it not been for my support worker, who went above and beyond for me, and the team at Romsey Mill, I would have felt very lost back then."

Reflecting on her journey since then, Fabia said: “Often young parents do not have lots of good education. You may have had a bad experience at school or college, and people around you re-emphasise it, even my family had some doubts.”

She added: “But, really go for it, you have nothing to prove to anyone else, do what you really love. I hadn’t done well in school or college. It’s about the future you want for you and your child, nothing else matters. Being a parent means that you have the maturity and discipline that comes from having a child, and you can use it when studying."