Emily is a volunteer for the Young Parents Programme (YPP) at Romsey Mill’s Babies and Buddies group on a Wednesday.  Over ten years ago, Emily was employed as Progressions Worker within the YPP team.  In this role Emily built strong relationships with young parents and helped them to find education, employment and training.   


Emily says:

“Many of the parents I worked with are now in their thirties. I’ve reflected on how wonderful it has been to bump into these young women every now and then and hear what they’re up to.

Recently, whilst I was at an event with my own children, I met one of the young parents who has since qualified as a midwife. This was particularly encouraging as through my current volunteering role at Babies and Buddies I have met a young parent who would like to be a midwife too.   I have been able to encourage the new parent that this is a possibility for her, even though it feels far off at the moment.”


Emily loved seeing young parents grow in confidence to try new things and become fantastic mothers too. She says it’s definitely a rewarding job:

“I think for everyone working at Romsey Mill, it’s more than just a job. Investing in young people’s lives and building relationships is a wonderful privilege.”

 Speaking of her current role as a volunteer, Emily says:

“When I heard that YPP needed volunteers, I realised I could spare some hours to help out. It’s been fantastic getting to know a new group of young people, reconnecting with old Romsey Mill friends and making new ones. 

“Having worked before in YPP, I remember how much volunteers are valued and an important part of the team. I’ve really enjoyed being able to help out in one of the groups and give in a practical way.  I would really recommend volunteering at Romsey Mill, it’s a fantastic way to support the vital work going on.”

A lot of the amazing work at Romsey Mill happens because of our volunteers.  The YPP team is thankful to Emily for donating her spare hours to help out in Babies and Buddies, and to all other volunteers for their time, generosity and compassion. 

If you are interested in applying to volunteer with Romsey Mill, you can download and complete a copy of our volunteer application form and send it to [email protected].

If you want to discuss any volunteering opportunities with us, call 01223 213162 and speak to the appropriate team.